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You can communicate with your team via voice chat. Communication is usually key to winning objective modes, so I recommend chatting with teammates if you feel comfortable doing so. 


Call of Duty Mobile's multiplayer is packed with several classic modes. This includes standard Team Deathmatch-style matches, as well as objective-based modes like Domination and Hardpoint. For fans of tactical, non-respawn modes, Search and Destroy is also featured in the game. 

What is multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Mobile? 


Frontline is a team deathmatch-style mode, but the two teams have separate designated spawns on either side of the map. This keeps the spawns from being less chaotic than traditional modes, as each player will always respawn in their team's designated spawn location. This mode hosts 10 players for each match, with 5 players per team. Players earn points for their team whenever they take out an opponent. The first team to reach 50 kills wins the match. Due to simplicity, Frontline is a good start for new players. 


This is Call of Duty's standard Team Deathmatch mode. Unlike Frontline, spawn locations are randomized after the first initial spawning. This mode hosts 10 players for each match, with 5 players per team. Players earn points for their team whenever they take out an opponent. The first team to reach 50 kills wins the match. 


Another Call of Duty classic, Search and Destroy pits two teams of 5 players against each other, alternating in rounds of attack and defense. One side must attack and detonate one of two bomb sites, while the other team defends and tries to prevent detonation. There are no respawns during the rounds. Once a player is killed, they're out and spectate the remainder of the round. The first team to win four rounds wins the match. 


Two teams of five compete in this respawn mode to capture and hold three points: A, B, and C. Teams earn points over time by holding one or more of the capture points. Domination is played in two rounds. The score limit is 100, with 50 points for round one and another 50 points is needed for the second round. First team to reach the 100 score limit wins. 


As suggested by the name, there are no teams in Free-for-All. In this mode, 10 players compete against each other in a match with every-player-for-themselves. A point is earned for each kill, and the first player to reach the 20-point score limit wins. 


In Kill Confirmed, two teams of five compete to collect the most enemy dog tags. Killed players drop dog tags. Enemy tags are red, while friendly tags are blue. A player earns points for their team by collecting enemy tags, but collecting teammates blue tags is also helpful to "deny" the opposition the kill. The first team to reach a total of 40 dog tags wins. 


Two teams of five compete to capture set "Hardpoint" locations. When there are only players from one faction inside the Hardpoint zone, that faction will score 1 point for each second they hold the zone. If members of the opposing faction enter the Hardpoint, the zone becomes contested and no points are awarded. After a period of time, the Hardpoint zone will relocate to a different area on the map. The first team to reach the score of 150 points wins. 


Gunfight plays just like the original mode from Modern Warfare 2019. These are 2v2 matches played in rounds with one life per round. Rounds are won by either eliminating both opponents within 40 seconds, or by quickly capturing a targeted area that appears on the map after the 40-second timer ends. The first team to reach 6 points wins. 

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