The battle royale mode has several ability-based classes to choose from, but some aren't as useful as others. Here's our class guide to pick one of the best options for your playstyle. 

operator skills

During a Multiplayer Match, Operator Skills charge up over time and are activated by tapping the Operator Skill icon on the right side of the screen once charged. As you level up your soldier with experience over time, you’ll gain access to the five Operator Skills, which offer a range of powerful tools that fit a variety of playstyles. Plus, through a recent event, a sixth Operator Skill became available for all players to earn. 

 1. purifier

Flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range. The first Operator Skill unlocked brings the heat… Literally.

 2. k9 unit

the K9 Unit kills in one bite. However, it is much weaker and easier to combat.   It lacks the patrol ability, and will simply run around the map, attacking any enemies it detects. 

 3. H.I.V.E

This one might be on the top of the favorite list of most of the players who camp and snipe. It is similar to trip mines, you have got to place these around blind corners though because they are quite visible, they do stand down if you find yourself face to face against a team of rushers then this can be helpful. 

 4. bull charge

Technically, it is the fastest mobility operator but that is part of its feature.  It is capable of destroying score streaks but, it is not sure that it will always destroy them. It harms about 20 damage to a goliath. You will be protected from the front but any hits to your legs or at your back will throw you as a toast, on the ground. 

5. death machine

Death Machine is one of the deadliest operator skills in COD Mobile. It is ridiculously accurate at crazy ranges and it’s almost like, having an old chopper metal as an operator with better accuracy molded into one.  It is mind-blowing at killing all scorestreaks and finishing all the enemies. The accuracy improvement of Death Machine is really quick and the reload time is really fast 


The equalizer is a good to mediocre operator skill. Players love to choose this but only for a close range of less than 15-20 meters. Season 4 saw a lot of lovers to this for the close-range damage with 46 per two shots. This means hitting 23 per gun for both of them. It is 31 rounds per second and around 1900 rounds per minute. 


The War Machine’s payload travels in an arc towards targets, with direct hits being an instant kill and explosions within a few feet also typically resulting in a knockout.  Firing a War Machine towards a group of enemies is a solid idea, as these explosives are deadly enough to take out a handful of enemies at once.  


A ballistic shield is the next operator skill on the list. It is the fastest mobility arranged operator. The protection is just from the front and the sides on your back are helpless. You do have to hit flinch if you are being shot but if you’re in the ads mode then there is no-hit flinch at all. 


This is the fastest mobility operator other than bull charge. But, it can be called the best for the fastest close range. It alters into the third person and has different movement and slide-out animations. When you take it out, you smoke the area, rapidly. Any enemies or friendlies that are in smoke will show up in colors. 

 10. tak - 5

This skill fits well into a supporter-type role where your whole team can get much-needed help in winning a gunfight. Using the TAK-5 heals your whole team’s base HP and then adds 50 extra points of HP to it for around 20 seconds. 

 11. gravity spikes

Be it Domination or hardpoint, you are going to see this all over the place. It jumps forward about 8 meters. The blast radius is about 8meters. It doesn’t go through walls and any obstacle will stop it. If the player is jumping when you land then it won’t kill them. 

 12. kinetic armor

If you’re in a situation where the enemy is rapidly firing at you, this armor can help you get out of some really sticky situations. Now it does have some caveats so you’re not completely invincible as it cannot protect you against melee weapons, headshots, incendiary and explosive rounds. 

 13. sparrow

Popular with the Rambo skins at the moment, you can kill a lot of players quickly using the Sparrow.  The pullback time for the full range is 400 milliseconds but you don’t have to pull back unless you are trying to cross-map someone. The aim needs to be pretty close for a one-shot kill, the splash damage is not amazing. 

 14. transform sheild

Transform Shield is actually the fastest charging operator. It takes 2 mins 45 secs which is absolutely brilliant for blocking off an area and forcing people to go through the area that you want.

The microwave radiation at the front stretches out about 5meters and has a very fast tick damage rate– 3 to 5 tick damage 

 15. tempest

Players have to be precise with this operator skill. It is best for eliminating whole groups for domination and hardpoint provinces. The charge will continue to be in the corpse of the player for around 5 secs even after the corpse has respawned. As someone runs that area they get hit and they can be killed or nearly killed from walking over. 

 16. munitions box

The munitions box is a must for anyone who is generous with the amount of ammo they’re expending and you no longer have to use perks like vulture, pick up someone else’s weapon or die to get more ammo.  Simply deploy the munitions box and get 5-10 more magazines depending on the weapon you’re using. 

 17. gravity vortex gun

It is one of the slowest mobility operator skills in COD Mobile with a sprint speed of 4.65 m per sec.  One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes while shooting through the doorway or a gap, can cause the projectile to stop in that doorway which can cause damage to you but it’s not that consistent. 

 18. annihilator

In the previous seasons, annihilator was on the top list of COD Mobile Operator Skills before it was nerfed. Nowadays, everybody isn’t using it so they might have had a lot of issues with it. Moreover, the description has also changed. It used to lock but it doesn’t lock on now.  

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